A Neutral Life.
A Neutral Life.
Because Beige Can be Sexy.



Hi there! Thanks so much for stopping by my site! My name is Jess, I am the creative brains behind “A Neutral Life,” a fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle space for people who love muted tones in glam styles that they can take from the boardroom to happy hour and beyond. Why neutral colours you may ask? Well, I’ve always loved the way this host of colours looked, especially on a curvy body, so a few years ago, I started dressing in more muted tones and I’ve never looked back!

I’m originally from California, but have lived all over - England, New York, North Dakota, DC. I work full time in corporate America and love using fashion to express myself.

Oh Hey! I’m also a contributor over at The Curvy Fashionista; head over there for my latest posts!

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